•Project Marketing:
Agencies Colin Tan coached in any joint project marketing have 100% winning rate. Vestor Realty will be the only real estate company to have ColinTan Training & Consultancy to prepare and coach each partner to sell each development for developer’s launches. We are the only agency in Singapore where 100% of the agents are trained in “The Art of Selling New Homes” discipline

•Residential, Commercial Sales & Leasing
Our team comprises of highly capable and experienced achievers who are well trained and possess strong skill and knowledge to deliver impressive sales results and deliver value with integrity to all our clients. Many of our partners are recipients of the highest award recognition in the market.

•Professional Development & Training
Only agency to be affiliated with ColinTan Training and Consultancy, regarded to be the #1 real estate training company in Singapore, the company is consistently conducting rigorous training programs and workshops to equip real estate professionals and our customers with solutions and systems that can help them achieve unprecedented success within a short time.

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